The Truth about Mental Health

The Truth about Mental Health

The truth is every single person in this world has both Mental and Physical Health.

Everyone experiences challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. Life is stressful. Psychosocial pressures, expectations, limiting beliefs and constant change all lead to a disconcerting and challenging life.

Coaching is a powerful forward looking strength based process that can assist the reinforcement of resilience and resourcefulness to cope with life’s stressors and encourage a positive, optimistic, connected and put into perspective enjoyment of life.

The ultimate goal in personal recovery is healing. Part of that process is recovering a robust understanding and valuing of personal identity or self-esteem. This comes from a mixture of  self-awareness, individuality, self-image, opinions, preferences, personality, goals and aspirations, and leads to great inner strength reserves, self-confidence and optimal performance.

Social identity refers to the role the individual plays as part of society and connection to others in their environments. Identity can also be comprised of a combination of factors such as culture, individual, interpersonal, spiritual or sexual. This is essentially the part of you that approaches the world with an easy to recognise social label “I am an Irish catholic, mother and entrepreneur” or “I am a pansexual male lawyer and a keen golfer”. However, that social label is rarely a complete picture of who someone is.

The coaching relationship is instrumental in guiding a coachee’s forward momentum from recovery to the exciting discovery of their own unique strengths, driving forces, identity and potential.

I have discovered through my own coaching practise and life experience that there are many ways to approach a situation and adaptability is key when dealing with a variety of client’s that all have different and unique personalities, attitudes, situations, approaches and experiences. I very much enjoy getting to know each client and seeing them achieve their dreams!