Coaching is not about gaining personal glory for our coaches but holding our esteemed clients in unconditionally high regard. We at Alignment coaching celebrate our client’s successes and achievements as our own but quietly in the background where we excel.

Coaching can be a fundamentally private and personal process, our confidentiality policies reflect this therefore some testimonials will be published anonymously to respect our clients desire for privacy.

Make Maeve your coach if you want to get incredible results. After just a few sessions I went from feeling completely stuck and unsure to absolutely rocking it in my business. I filled my online course, got an article published and was invited for radio interviews. I cannot recommend Alignment Coaching highly enough.

Cliona Byrne, The Body Confidence Coach, Paris

It was a deeply profound experience working through some of my recent mental health challenges with Maeve. I felt so safe and able to say anything without judgement which allowed me to open up and progress rapidly though my recovery. It’s really reassuring to know I have access to such wonderful and completely independent support at any stage. Thanks so much to the wonderful team at Alignment Coaching.

Charlie, Tipperary

When I deeply worried about losing my job due uncertainty related to the COVID crisis and a family to support, I sought out career coaching and came across Alignment coaching. After just a few sessions I regained my confidence, put myself in front of the right eyes and got put in charge of the COVID response team at my company. Instead of keeping my head down and hoping I wouldn’t get laid off, I got proactive and was rewarded in spades – all thanks to some wonderful career coaching.

John Daly, SME Business, Dublin

Wonderful experience at one of Maeve’s Resilience Leader Workshops in 2012, our management team bonded so beautifully and learned some truly invaluable tools that will enhance our leadership skills to no end.

Claire Jones, Participant, Resilience Leader Workshop