Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching

We have all been through mental health challenges in our lives

Literally every single person in this world has just been impacted by the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. This has been a hugely traumatic experience for everyone.

Day to day things we once took for granted are now unsafe. Now we can’t even go to buy food without the anxiety and indecision of wearing masks or gloves, the fear of someone coughing near us or on the food we pick up.

Some people react to this basic striping of our fundamental need to feel safe with increased levels anxiety or stress, others mask their fear by getting angry and aggressive.

What do you do if you no longer trust that you are safe in your local shop? That you don’t know if you are bring back a deadly virus that will infect your loved ones? When you’re unsure if you’ll have a job to go back to? You don’t know when you’ll be financially stable? You’ve no trip to visit your friends abroad to look forward to? Your career progression has fallen flat? Snapping at your kids?

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Self-care is more than taking bubble baths

True self-care is looking after your mental health.

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