How the Coaching Relationship works

How the Coaching Relationship works

An effective coaching relationship is integral to a transformational process that is goal focused, results driven, action orientated and based on a foundation of trust, honesty, integrity, confidentiality and good ethics.

That relationship must be of sufficient quality that both partners in the process feel safe enough to foster the client’s deepest honest, creative and thought provoking sides without any fear of judgement so they can move forward with ease and positivity towards the achievement of their goals.

It is the coaches responsibility to elicit greatness, focus on what’s truly important and listen intently to their clients.

The coach needs to be flexible and willing to adapt their approach to suit a variety of clients who will all have their own unique set of values, experiences and requirements.

If a coach does not feel that they will be able to adequately adapt their coaching style or approach, or if the client’s needs change throughout the coaching process it is best to refer to a more compatible coach, mentor, counsellor, therapist or other relevant professional.

This is why an initial chemistry meeting or discovery call combined with the coaching agreement ventures to ensure that the client’s expectations are met in order to build an authentic and effective coaching relationship that is based on an invaluable alliance or partnership that’s sole aim is to enhance the coaching client’s personal and professional engagement in fulfilling their goals.